[Hack The Box] [Starting Point] [Tier 1] Tactics

Task 1

Which Nmap switch can we use to enumerate machines when our packets are otherwise blocked by the Windows firewall? -Pn

Task 2

What does the 3-letter acronym SMB stand for? Server message block

Task 3

What port does SMB use to operate at? 445

Task 4

What command line argument do you give to `smbclient` to list available shares? -L

Task 5

What character at the end of a share name indicates it’s an administrative share? $

Task 6

Which Administrative share is accessible on the box that allows users to view the whole file system? C$

Task 7

What command can we use to download the files we find on the SMB Share? get

Task 8

Which tool that is part of the Impacket collection can be used to get an interactive shell on the system? psexec.py

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