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Phone iPhone 13 mini
Laptop Macbook air 2020 M1 16G 256G, XPS 13
PC i3 1050Ti 32G 1T(HDD) 256G(SSD)x3
Headphones Apple Airpods 2nd and 3rd, Sony MDR-7506
Display LG 29UM59A-P
Mouse Magic Mouse 2, Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse, Logitech M330
Keyboard Magic Keyboard, AKKO 3108V2
Game Switch OLED, N3DSLL, GameShell
MIDI M-Audio Keystation Mini 32
Audio Yamaha UR12
Streamer Fire TV Stick 4K
Tablet iPad Pro 12.9 2022, Wacom CTL-671
Printer EPSON L4163
Router Xiaomi Redmi AX6S(OpenWRT)
Security Keys Yubikey 5C NFC, Yubikey 5 NFC, Yubikey 4

Software & Services

Domain Cloudflare 23 USD / yearly
Email Hosting Migadu 19 USD / yearly
Mac App Suit Setapp 200 RMB / yearly
Stream Disney+ 120 RMB / yearly
Note Taking Notes 10 USD / monthly
Browser Librewolf Free
Bookmarking Linkding Self-host
Reader Readwise 59.94 USD / yearly
Cloud Storage iCloud 2T 129.99 TRYCNY / monthly
Password Manager 1Password 36 USD / yearly
Backup Backblaze Computer Backup 9 USD / monthly
File Encryption Cryptomator Free
Editor Zed Free
IDE JetBrains Opensource
Virtualization PD18, OrbStack 618 RMB
Email Client webmail Free
Shell Oh My Zsh, NuShell Free
Terminal Rio Free
VPN Mullvad 5 EUR / monthly
RAG Perplexity 20 USD / monthly